Anna Řičář Libánská

Having obtained her MA in Iberoamerican studies – History of Latin America in 2021, she is currently a PhD student at the Centre for Ibero-American Studies (Faculty of Arts, Charles university of Prague). There Anička is working on her PhD thesis concerned on the Native Americans in the Czech culture and their representations in Czech imagination between 1948 and 1989. Her fields of interest include mainly historical representations of otherness, particularly of the Indigenous people of the Americas, the Native Americans and their place in global history; colonialism, and its reflections in the present and the history of gender. Currently is a member of the research project: Hidden History. The Representation of Women in the Era of Conquest and Colonization of the New World funded by The Czech Science Foundation (GAČR). She is also affiliated with Centre for African Studies, Faculty of Arts.

Her theoretical base is grounded particularly in poststructural, postcolonial and feminist theories and she is influenced mostly by leftist thinkers. Anička rejects the notion that science could by apolitical and therefore she do not hide her political positions. Anička was one of the authors of the Manifest Dekolonizace and she is sad that the initiative was interrupted and factually ruined by covid.